The Gluzberg Property Management Advantage 

Toronto’s real estate is renowned for investment opportunities. With over 30 years experience and proven success, Gluzberg Property Management is a leading property management and investment company with a very strong performance in the City of Toronto and outlying neighbourhoods throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Our commitment, at Gluzberg Property Management is a full service, one-stop solution for residential and commercial real estate investment properties.  We offer extensive market knowledge and expertise in navigating complex transactions ranging from experienced investors to first-time investors across real estate deals of all sizes.

Entering the real estate market can be daunting, you can ease those worries with Gluzberg Property Management.  Allow Gluzberg Property Management to assist you with finding the best real estate property investment opportunities in the City of Toronto and outlying neighbourhoods throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).  Gluzberg Property Management is here for you every step of the way.  We have partnered with industry leaders to provide a full service solution for all of your post acquisition needs.

The Gluzberg Property Management team are experienced, professional and relentless in finding value for our clients, we deliver superior results and unsurpassed service.

Gluzberg Property Management focuses on property investment buyers who purchase with the intention to rent out. This starts from identifying the right investment property, managing the transaction to closing and after closing, managing the rental marketing to eventually placement of a well qualified tenant or tenants.

When considering buying a real estate investment property, you may require advice on real estate property investments from a broker, Meir Gluzberg, Principal of Gluzberg Property Management would be happy to lead you through the process.

Meir Gluzberg is an ambitious entrepreneur. Prior to venturing in Real Estate, Meir Gluzberg was the founder and CEO of WebAffairs Inc. a Canadian leader in developing web solutions to the Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) market. Meir holds a Business and a Masters degree from York University and is on the executive board of the Canada Israel Chamber of Commerce.

While developing his web solutions business, Meir was also investing heavily in his true passion – Real Estate. After the sale of his first company, Meir Gluzberg has been actively involved in the investment and consultation of local and national Real Estate, demonstrating a great enthusiasm for Urban Real Estate.

Now, as a leading Managing partner of Forest Hill Real Estate, Meir is committed to sharing this passion and insight in facilitating all his clientele’s Real Estate investments. Meir specializes in residential investment properties and high-end homes in central Toronto. Meir’s experience is rich in academia; however, while a master’s degree may be a milestone, Meir Gluzberg credits his experiences in competitive swimming and military training instilling a rigorous and committed framework.

Today, Meir Gluzberg lives in Central Toronto & Tel-Aviv with his wife and four children, where he indulges in his love for vintage cars and great food.

Meir can assist with navigating the buyers’ market, connecting you to the most desirable sought after locations and leading real estate professionals.

With over 30 years experience in real estate, Meir continues to work tirelessly to drive and push the real estate industry in creative and innovative directions, continually giving his clients the ultimate real estate investment experience embracing traditional and alternative investment strategies. As a fierce advocate and negotiator, Meir is highly dedicated to helping clients achieve their real estate goals through an exceptional and seamless experience while managing the buying process.

It is with these affiliations which provide our real estate investment property partners with extraordinary benefits and synergies: property management services, operating efficiencies, cost savings, expertise in renovation and construction, development, asset management and marketing. These combined skills have created the foundation for our long-standing and continued success.

Gluzberg Property Management’s offerings continue to grow and evolve in an effort to meet the investment outcomes required by our clients.

Owning a residential or commercial investment property can be a lucrative investment which requires time, dedication and involvement.  There is much work involved in identifying, analyzing, buying, and managing a quality rental investment property.  But, it also carries with it its share of headaches and worries. Finding a skilled real estate investment and property management company such as Gluzberg Property Management with a genuine interest in and ability to discuss the real estate market and trends with an attention to detail, consistent follow-up and availability to move the process diligently along can save you a lot of time and money.

If you are interested in learning more about our property investment capabilities and how the Gluzberg Property Management can help you with investment properties for sale, including the latest new developments and off-market investment opportunities, or if would like to discuss your requirements…..we have access to some of the most exciting investment opportunities together with a comprehensive range of specialist investment support, we welcome hearing from you.



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